Power and Lighting

An inefficient electrical system can cost you time, money, and customers. Broken and frayed wires can easily damage your equipment and devices, increasing your expenses and causing problems to your business. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for business owners to ignore wiring and power supply on their property. They don’t even realise that this increases the chances of a fire hazard, and decreases efficiency and productivity. Bad wiring can increase your energy bills and add to your overall expenses. At Skyline Electrical Solutions, our professional commercial electricians encourage clients to inspect and upgrade their electrical system to ensure it is efficient and modern.

Our Commercial Power and Lighting Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services to our clients. Our electricians are skilled, qualified, and experienced; so they can install and repair almost everything. Here are some things we can do as a part of our commercial power and lighting services:

  • Repairing Faults – Our electricians will assess your system to find the source of the faults and correct it. Once the problem is resolved, you can safely run all your appliances and devices without having to worry about the risk of power surges.
  • Surge Protection – Speaking of electrical surges, we can install surge protectors on your property. This would guard your devices and appliances from both, internal and external power surges and save you considerable amount of money in repairs.
  • Commercial Lighting – Commercial properties need to be well-lit. In fact, your lighting needs to be strategic to ensure your customers can see your products clearly. Proper lighting would also set the right ambience, which would motivate your customers to purchase your products. Our electricians will install proper lighting according to your requirements on your property.
  • Upgrades – If your commercial property is over 25 years old, you need to inspect your wiring thoroughly to ensure it is intact and functional. Our expert electricians will assess your entire system and look for broken or frayed wires and replace them.
  • Switchboard Upgrades – Out-dated switchboards can be a fire hazard because they can become hot and will short-circuit easily. In the event of a power surge, ceramic fuses will blow easily, which is very risky. Modern switchboards have trip switches that immediately cut off power if there’s a short circuit or overload of any kind. This protects the switchboard, as well as all the devices connected to your system.

Fitouts and Refurbishments

We can do a complete fitout and installation for your commercial property as well. You can call us if you want to install a new lighting and power system in your renovated or new commercial property. Our expert electrician can easily handle installation jobs of all kinds. They have the skill and experience to do a complete install in a quick and organised manner. Your business won’t experience an extended downtime, and you won’t have to deal with leftover work. We’ll install the complete system including:

  • Lights and fans
  • Wiring for HVAC and air conditioning systems
  • Connection for phone and data lines
  • Connection for various devices and appliances like computers, printers, coolers, faxes, etc.

Your commercial property will be completely ready for use after we’re done with it. You can contact Skyline Electrical Solutions for any power and lighting issues at any time or if you want to know more about our services. Just give a call on 1300 809 716 or fill in our contact us form and we’ll help you in every way possible.