Outdoor Lighting Installation

When you have outdoor spaces on your premises, you want to be assured that they are well-illuminated at all times.  The only way you would be able to use your garden and yard in a more optimal manner is if you get the right kind of outdoor lighting installation in Sydney. Most property owners add a few floodlights at different points on their property, but outdoor lighting is much more than that.

Why have well-planned outdoor lighting ?

When you call us at Skyline Electrical Solutions, our electrical consultants will come over to your location and assess what kind of outdoor lighting would be suitable for your property. They will understand what your requirement and ideas are and provide various solutions so you can make a more well-informed decision. There are a number of benefits to getting outdoor lighting installed, such as:

  • When you have a well-illuminated property, it adds to the security of your home or commercial establishment and becomes a deterrent¬† for vandals, trespassers and burglars and other unsavoury characters
  • You are able to use these spaces in a more optimal manner
  • It adds to the aesthetics of your property and its value as well

Range of Services We Provide

We work diligently to provide customised outdoor lighting installation solutions to our customers and can help with the installation of a variety of outdoor light fittings such as:

  • Boundary and gate post light fixtures
  • Landscape lighting
  • Patio and deck lighting
  • Concealed and recessed lighting for various outdoor features¬† like kitchens etc
  • Pool lights
  • Water feature lighting for fountains, waterfalls, streams and ponds etc
  • Pathway and walkway lamps
  • Paver lights
  • Floodlights
  • Entranceway lights
  • Motion sensor lights
  • Security lighting
  • Other

Energy-efficient outdoor lighting solutions

The kind of lighting you choose will be dependent on your specific requirements and the layout of your property. We work very closely with our customers and ensure that the services we provide are right in line with their requirements. Regardless of the kind of outdoor lighting installation in Sydney projects we take up, the aim is to provide our customers value for money. This is why we focus on providing energy-efficient solutions such as:

  • LED lights that provide 80% energy-efficiency
  • Motion sensor lights
  • Low voltage lighting components like relays & switches
  • low voltage transformers
  • Low voltage cables
  • Photocells
  • Dimmers
  • Optional timers to add to the energy-efficiency of the light installations

We provide comprehensive solutions that are customised to your needs. Our licensed and insured electricians will ensure the work is carried out efficiently and safely. We handle all types of outdoor lighting including installation, repair and maintenance of electrical fixtures and wiring etc. We also handle outdoor lighting upgrade projects for our customers.

If you need any details or information about our services, feel free to call us at this number- 1300809716; we are here 24/7 to provide you the information you need. Alternatively, use this contact us form to get in touch with us and tell us what your outdoor lighting installation requirements are. You can request for a quick quote via this online form and one of our experts will call you soon to with the information. Do not hesitate to call us at any time, especially if you are faced with an electrical emergency on your commercial premises.