Phone and Data

Can you imagine life with phones and the Internet? We live in a world of connected smart devices that require constant access to the Internet. We have smart TVs, smartphones, and smart home security systems that can’t function to their fullest capacity without a data connection. All modern homes have phone and data connectivity and the cabling for these systems should be installed by a licensed data technician. At Skyline Electrical Solutions, we have skilled residential electricians with experience and knowledge regarding phone and data cabling systems. They’ll ensure your system is efficient and the data connectivity is smooth.

Installing and Repairing Phone Cabling

Whether you want to install a new line, repair an old one, or relocate an existing line to a new room in your home, we can handle the job. Our phone cabling installation services stand out because:

  • We’ll make sure the wiring is installed correctly and is intact so there’s no data loss over the lines.
  • Our experts use the best quality cables that support superior information transfer rates so you’ll experience good call quality and constant connectivity.
  • We also ensure all cables are grouped well and placed in ideal locations so they don’t disrupt the flow of the room or become an obstacle to free movement. You won’t see any ugly wiring peeking through the décor of your room.

Installing and Repairing Data Cabling

When you browse the Internet, you want fast, uninterrupted services and that depends largely on the quality of the data connection in your home. Our data cabling installation and repair services stand out because:

  • We can establish efficient and secure wired and wireless data connections. Just tell us what your network requirements are and we’ll suggest the best system to you.
  • If you have high performance needs, we can install Cat6 data cables in your system. They offer superior data transfer speeds and ensure the information flows smoothly. You’ll face very little delays in the file transfer, and enjoy a high speed network.
  • We look at your property and create the least disruptive installation plan possible; and try to avoid drilling too many holes or leaving the data cables out in the open, as they can interfere with the décor of your home. Our electricians make sure the wiring is very discreet.

We use resilient and high quality cables in all our installations and repairs. The system we install will withstand the test of time. Once we install a system, you can be sure it would deliver consistent performance at good speeds for several years to come.

Relocation of Cables

Relocation of existing lines can be messy and confusing. Some clients consider it a DIY project and often end up creating a tangle of cables that can be difficult to resolve. Our electricians carry out relocation in a systematic and organised manner. We’ll examine all of the cabling and replace damaged ones with good quality, resilient wires before we relocate the network. Our electricians will create new, discreet access points and ensure the wiring is out of the way and hidden.

You can contact Skyline Electrical Solutions at any time if you want to know more about our services. Just give a call on 1300 809 716 or fill in our contact us form and we’ll help you in every way possible.