Switch Board Upgrades

We are highly dependent on various electrical appliances, equipment and devices and these creature comforts are something we can’t do without.  The one common thing they all rely on is electricity and if they don’t have a proper supply of it, that can impact their performance. However, there are times when you notice that these appliances start working in an erratic manner.

When Would You Require A Switchboard Upgrade?

In many instances it is found that faulty or inadequate supply of electricity is the cause if this erratic functioning.  If you find that the circuit breakers are tripping too often, it’s a good idea to call in an expert, licensed electrician to get the main switchboard on your property tested. Here are some indications that you need to get switch board upgrades in Sydney:

  • Lights that flicker constantly
  • Some lights don’t get switched on at all
  • Some lighting fixtures continue to be switched on even when you’ve turned off their switches
  • You hear arcing sounds coming from a switch or electrical installation
  • You experience shock whenever you touch some electrical equipment/appliance

If you have noticed any of these things, you shouldn’t delay in calling in an electrician to check what is causing the issue. In most instances older or damaged switchboards aren’t repairable and its best to opt for switchboard upgrades. This is especially true if you live on an older property with older electrical installations.

Some More Considerations

In addition to these things, there are some more reasons why you would want to get switch board upgrades such as:

  • To a certain degree, the conditions of the switchboards affect the performance and durability of the electrical appliances and equipment in your home. Older switchboards are unable to cope up with the electrical demands of the appliances which impact their performance. If you have older electrical installations on your property, its best to a consider an upgrade
  • When you upgrade to modern switchboards, it helps protect the system from electrical faults
  • Upgrading the switches ensures that these devices meet current Australian standards of safety and performance

If you aren’t too confident about whether you require switch board upgrades, simply give us a call. We will promptly send out a skilled electrician to your home or commercial establishment. He will check and test the existing safety switches on your property and understand whether these need to be upgraded. If that’s what’s required, you will be provided a detailed quote and on approval, we will complete the job to your 100% satisfaction.

Why Opt For Switchboard Upgrades?

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